Monday, March 16, 2015

Acting Myself Into Right Thinking

     The Three Quick Miles dvd was in the dvd player, ready to go.  I used it yesterday, and left it in the player so that it would be ready for today.  I have been trying to walk to the dvd every day, for 45 minutes.  The walking and supporting exercises on this dvd equate to three miles during that 45 minutes.  It is fast paced, but not high impact.  I do not have to go out in the cold to do it, or drive anywhere.  So, why then, do I keep putting it off?  
     I know that it is important to exercise so that I stay healthy and fit.  I want to stay healthy and fit.  The problem is, I don't like exercising!  It makes me sweat, and it's hard work.  There, I said it.  
     After breakfast, I read my scriptures for the day, wrote in my journal, and spent some time in prayer.  Then I got dinner started in the crock pot, did some laundry, straightened the living room, kitchen, and dining room.  Checking my emails morphed into scanning the new pins on Pinterest, then FaceBook, then...well, you get the idea.
     Eventually, I did start the dvd and did my walking.  When I was finished, I felt great, and glad that I had done it.   I took that first step, that action.  I purposed in my heart to keep it up, every day.  At least until the weather is a little warmer and I can walk outdoors.
     So it is in my spiritual life.  I keep slipping into bad habits, doing things I should not do, and not doing things I should.  I recognize that I am a sinner.  But I also know that I am loved.  God loves me in spite of my sin.  He wants me, and you, to put ourselves into his life.  He wants us to live in him.  He said "I am the narrow gate."

     I cannot 'think' myself into right action.  I need to 'act' myself into right thinking.   

Following Jesus calls for discipline.   I want to be close to him.  I don't want to sin.  When I read God's Word, pray, go to Mass, give of my time and talents to worthy causes, I am putting myself into his life.  I am acting myself into right thinking.  
     Yes, I will sin again, and again.  And Jesus will be there, in his mercy, loving me.   Forgiving me.  Every time.  And I will go once again to him.  I will make the words of Jesus a reality in my own life.
"Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." Matthew 7:13 

Be blessed,

Today's Zentangle tile features the tangles Fengle and Oof. 

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