Monday, March 2, 2015

Let All You Do Come From Love

       The readings this Sunday offer me hope as I stumble through Lent.  Like the disciples, I struggle to understand the cross.  I imagine Peter, James, and John were more than a little shaken up when Jesus was transfigured before them.   Jesus wanted to teach and encourage them, to shake up their faith.  Mission accomplished! 
     When God spoke, He gave the disciples, and gives us, a glimpse of heaven.  This Gospel shows the love of God the Father for his son, Jesus.  It gives us hope.  To us, God is a loving God who cares for us.   
    Jesus was about teaching, curing, and loving, unconditionally. As  Christians, you and I are called to love.  What are we doing to build the habits of unconditional love?  How can I love the unlovable?
    We can learn from the examples Jesus modeled.  I can make a choice, every day, to love who God puts in front of me.  I can make a real effort to truly listen to people, to hear with my heart.  We can come often to the Eucharistic Table.  There we can offer our triumphs and our failures to God.  There we will be nourished to go forth to love as Jesus loved; to teach, and cure, and care for his people.  
     In doing so, our hope is that some day God will say to us, too, "This is my beloved son, this is my beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased."
   Be blessed,

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